Adding New Facility of Robobox Machine

14 Dec 16
Adding New Facility of Robobox Machine

14.12.2016 in Colaboration with Toolcraft, YPTI adding new facility of Robobox machine.
This Machine has been displayed at the Manufacturing & Machine Tool Indonesia exhibition in Jakarta
on November 2016

As a machining cell, a robot and machining room can form an integrated unit to be used wherever needed
as a module of a universal machine tool in production.as seen in the RoboBox from MBFZ toolcraft GmbH (Georgensgmuend, Germany). Depending on the equipment, this machining cell can perform classic metal turning,
milling, polishing and grinding sequentially to make and refine a medical component on the spot. The 1,800 mm H x 1,800 mm W x 1,800 mm D footprint of the RoboBox machining cell combines a 6-axis articulated arm robot by Stäubli inside a closed production module with a 7.5 kW water-cooled milling spindle

What specifically can the RoboBox do better than a modern CNC machine tool? The articulated arm robot is used at points that would not be possible without re-clamping on a CNC machine. When the first step is complete, it takes up another task. Depending on the task, it can finish the componentat various points without having to leave the construction space.This one machining cell combines a highly flexible system of hardware and software
for completing parts for various applicationg for a reasonable price.

Check the more specification of this machine at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yShososH3uk

we hope this machine can continous keeping our commitment to continously improve our service


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