Training “Checking Fixture Process” in Japan

29 Dec 16
Training “Checking Fixture Process”  in Japan

28.12.16 Following the PT. YPTI & TODA Inc. Partnership and joint venture in Checking Fixtures,
YPTI sent four employees to Japan for comparative study and training on CF making process in Toda Company,
There are Prasetyo Yulianto ( General Manager), Surya Dorry (Head of Manufacture), Erig Bastian (Engginering)
and Nanang (PPC). The training started from 6th of November until 14th of November 2016
in TODA Inc. Hiroshima, Japan. The goal of this training program was to share the knowledge
and technology in the CF making which will be an experience for YPTI in accordance
with the plan to produce CF in Indonesia. The employees were not only observing and studying,
but they also gained experience and knowledge about Japanese’s working environment
which renown for its discipline, collaborative work, appreciation for others, and perseverance.

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