Kemenperin visit PT YPTI in 14th November 2017

28 Feb 19
Kemenperin visit PT YPTI in 14th November 2017
An honor the PT Yogya Presisi Tehnikatama Industri (PT YPTI) received a visit from the minister of industry on 14th November 2017.
Ir Airlangga Hartanto MBA., MMT accompanied by Aryono Wibowo saw first hand the results of production.
The Ministry of Industry was also quite impressed by the PT YPTI cooperatere a number of vocational students who were practicing work at this company.
the application of industry 4.0 is believed to be able to trigger productivity and quality efficiently so that the products produced are more innovative and competitive.
so with this policy the industry can be more competitive and able to improve the structure of the national economy. The government continues to try to spur the development of the national manufacturing industry to be more globally competitive.
this is in line with the implementation of making Indonesia 4.0. besides optimizing productivity, especially export-oriented industries.
so that PT YPTI is expected to be able to improve employee performance in order to be able to compete with international companies.
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