Manufacturing Indonesia Jakarta Internasional Expo.

28 Feb 19
Manufacturing Indonesia Jakarta Internasional Expo.

On 5-8th December 2018, PT Yogya Presisi Tehnikatama Industri (PT. YPTI) attend the annual event manufakturing indonesia jakarta international expo in Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran.

We are preparing for even more challenging and exciting year in 2019. Our customer will be more demanding. Product complexity and quality standard will be higher. Product life cycle will be faster, means that new products must be launched in the market quicker. Market will be more dynamic which will impact on the demand fluctuation. Hence, we have expanded our manufacturing facilities in 2018 which will continue in 2019 and added necessary infrastructure and supporting units.

Therefore, we will contineu to equip ourselves and keep updated with the new development in the technology to sustain our position as the precision part, mold making, 5-axis CNC milling, plastic injection, JIG and Cheking fixture in the region.

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