Toyota Production System Follow Up Review 2nd Tier Development Jishuken

28 Feb 19
Toyota Production System Follow Up Review 2nd Tier Development Jishuken

The agenda of Follow Up Review 2nd Tier Development Jishuken that has been held at PT YPTI on 25th January 2019 was declared successful. That was attended by: Mr. Dian Metias and Mr. Harsono (PT. TMMIN OMDD), Mr. Hartoyo (PT. Denso Indonesia), Mr. Haryadi (PT. Sugity Creatives), Mr. Ariawan (PT. AISIN), Mr. Sigit Setyawan (PT Shiroki), Mr. Sanny Kasidi (PT Dasa Windu Agung).

Toyota Production System in order to produce world-class, quality automobiles at competitive price levels, Toyota has developed an integrated approach to production which manages equipment, materials, and people in the most efficient manner while ensuring a healthy and safe work environment.

The Toyota Production System is built on two main principles: “Just-In-Time” production and “Jidouka.” Underlying this management philosophy and the entire Toyota production process is the concept that “Good Thinking Means Good Product.” Jishuken is Management driven kaizen activity where management members identify areas in need of continuous improvement and spread information through the organization to stimulate kaizen activity.

One of the biggest benefits of Jishuken is the primarily focused on the activities of the facilities leadership teams. This includes everyone from the manager level all the way up to the CEO. Without direct high-level management involvement in continuous improvement programs, many problems can be introduced. It can even get to the point where upper level management really has no idea how things are done in their company, which can prevent them from being effective leaders. Bringing these managers down onto the shop floor, and helping to ensure they have a strong operational understanding of how things work can yield many important benefits.

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