Indonesia Aircraft And Component Manufacturer Association
    inacom is a national association of aircraft development.
  • Asosiasi Industri Mesin Perkakas Indonesia (ASIMPI).
    ASIMPI (Association of Indonesian Machine Tools Industries)
    cooperation with the Government and Academic in Indonesia
    to build Industrial Machine Tools Indonesia.
  • Indonesia Mold & Dies Industry Association (IMDIA).
    This association  was Support Industry Promotion Strategy
    as a strategic partnership between indonesian goverment and Japan
    concerning about mold and dies industry in indonesia.
  • Yayasan Darma Bakti Astra (YDBA).
    Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Astra (YDBA) is astra foundation .
    established by William Soeryadjaya in 1980 .
    YDBA Astra have commitment to participate actively to  builds the nation.
    The purpose of establishment YDBA is to help improving skills of engineering,
    management, marketing, finance and information technology to SMEs.
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