We have been making plastic molds since 1999, and are committed to constant innovation.

We are dedicated to the development in the quality of our products with capability engineering, and manufacturing technology.

The quality of our products is supported by mold design experience of more than 10 years, reliable software, high-tech machinery (5 axis CNC mill machine), CMM final check and high standards of polishing.

We are ready to supply your molds with our high precision and on time delivery.

We are passionate about advancements in our products, with our experience in automotive parts, electronic parts, education systems, and packaging products we are able to continually develop our mold products.

Based on our quality control policies, we can guarantee your satisfaction with our products.

We have experience in manufacturing precision parts since 1999 to support industries such as tobacco, medicine, packaging, food, aircraft, etc.

We have various machines that specialize in providing for a wide range of industries. Our precise machines, measuring instruments and accurate strategy, allows us to produce your products with high quality, reasonable prices and on time delivery.


Plastic injection molding is an incredibly effective way to manufacture accurate plastic parts and components.

It’s quick, saving you valuable production time.
It’s accurate, meaning you waste fewer materials.
It’s consistent, giving you peace of mind that what you ask for is what you’ll get – every single time.

We have experience in injection molding since 2006, to support plastic parts for various industries such as automotive, educational, pharmaceutical and electronic goods.

With our experience, team, and facilities, we will help you achieve a high customer satisfaction.

High quality, reasonable prices and on time delivery is our guarantee for all of our customers.


We are your precision partner in Checking fixture manufacturing to support Automotif Industri. Our work began from design, after received DataCAD product, 2D product, and CF requirement.

Supporting with precision and variable machine size we have possibility work on small & simple Checking Fixture up to Large & Complex Checking Fixture with the realistic price.

To ensure accuracy, we always measure using the appropriate CMM.

We will supply your checking fixture in best quality, reasonable price, and on time delivery.


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