About Us


PT Yogya Presisi Teknikatama Industri (PT YPTI) is a company that moved into the manufacturing sector. PT YPTI serves the precision part, jig & fixtures, mold making, plastic injection molding, and research, development, and prototyping. PT YPTI has a full range of CNC Machines to fulfill customer satisfaction. We also offer reverse engineering to help our customers develop their designs until final execution. PT YPTI uses coordinate measuring machines and other precision inspection facilities with ISO 9001 certification in 2008. We can run small-batch and high-volume production in our machining/production line.


To become the best provider in leading technology services’ & production machinery’s in Indonesia


Building professional super-team with integrity & ethic through employee’s potential development & empowerment, to contribute optimally in company’s growth & employee’s welfare by synergized cooperation & mutual good relationship, in order to support value-added products creation which may satisfy customers because of the sustainable best service & quality, and real benefit to the society, nation & country.