Plastic Injection

We are excellent in plastic injection service. Our expertise includes all production steps, from designing to finishing the product. We ensure adjusted work in the design and production process. We also offer full service for creating and maintaining mold. Our multipurpose and automatic machines enable us to inject all products, from tiny products to significant plastic components. With our distinctive techniques, we guarantee extra value added to your product. We construe your concept into a clearly explained technical design ready to produce in line with the customer’s concept. Based on many years of experience, we are confident in our aim to provide the best price and quality ratio for your product to give the optimum quality of service. We are also supported by 27 injection machines, starting from 25 tons to 550 tons. In one of those machines, there is a new coloring technology, a DCSJ-400T double color machine. Thus, with the infrastructure of plastic injection, we can produce all types of products with different kinds of plastic. We have maximum functionality, optimum quality, and the most remarkable technique. We will help the customers in each step, from purchasing to prototype creation and production, which will use for plastic injection. We offer quick responses to questions and punctual order delivery.

Process Flow

Discussion between marketing and PPC team for client orders.

Checking raw materials by the warehouse team.

Mass production is carried out by operators.

Checking production goods by the QC team

The packing of goods is carried out by the warehouse team.

Deliver the products to the client

Supporting Process

Supporting Process